What Successful Private Practice Owners Do In Their Business

Start A Counseling Business While Learning How To Market And Level Up The Counseling Business.

No counselor wants to start a business to later find that it flops. 

Have you explored why a counseling private practice may fail?

Every private practice owner wants to build a successful counseling business without feeling overwhelmed. Think about your business. 

  • What did you do to build a successful private practice?
  • What are the marketing strategies that you used to start your counseling business?
  • Have you developed passive income for your therapy business?
  • Have you felt stuck in your private practice?
  • Have you considered trying consulting to help you with your counseling business?

To build a successful practice in mental health, it’s important to take time to understand why businesses may fail. In a way, this is kind of like learning from others.

Some counseling businesses fail because they do not practice market research. Others fail in starting a counseling business because they do not have a structured business plan. A final reason counseling private practices may fail is because they are not financing their business.

To build a successful counseling business take time to focus on:

Financing your private practice.

Consider how you can finance your counseling practice. For some, this may mean that they are running paid ads once every quarter to gain a boost in caseload or to help with creating stronger conversions. For my practice, I have invested in everything from new furniture to taking on additional training aimed to develop clinical growth.


Creating a business plan.

Giving your practice a business helps to align it in the right direction. A business plan is very much like having rules in a game. Imagine playing soccer without rules. Things would get pretty wild. Take time to create a strong and consistent business plan for your counseling business.


Evaluate your business plan over time.

Over the years, I have provided consulting for hundreds of clinicians across the U.S. One consistent area that we work on is developing a system that helps with evaluating the business plan over time.

Having a mission and vision statement for your business.

Take 5 minutes to get on Google.com and search for business mission and vision statements. Search for businesses that you follow or believe in. Having a business mission and vision helps to align your business towards its’ desired objectives and goals.

To receive help in creating your version of a successful counseling business start consulting. Click Here


Asking for help with starting your counseling business.

  • What do you need help with when it comes to your counseling private practice?
  • Do you need help with creating your first therapy product?
  • Do you need help with creating better conversions for your therapy products?
  • Do you need help with increasing your caseload?

Asking for help can level up your practice and help you get closer to your goals.


Taking time to market your therapy business. 

There are hundreds of ways to market a counseling private practice. Check out https://acounselorsjourney.com/54-ways-to-market-your-counseling-practice/

A few of the marketing strategies mentioned in the article include:

  1. Schedule Lunch dates

Who doesn’t enjoy a free meal with an awesome conversation? One of my favorite marketing strategies is to have lunch with a referral partner. Get to know them and learn all of the amazing things that they are doing. This space helps to build a relationship while also showing that you genuinely want to get to know the other person.

  1. Utilize paid ads to create leads

Platforms like Google give you the opportunity to set up an ad that speaks to your ideal client. Something like, “are you struggling with your relationship?” This ad can include a picture, short video, and some sort of call to action that aims to connect you with your client.

  1. Repurpose content

I’m sure that you have content sitting around. Take a look at it and see what you can use to repurpose it. As an example, if you create a video that helps kids learn how to meditate. You can use the same video to create a blog post, infographic on social media, and more. This is a great way to recycle content without having to recreate the wheel. Check out my channels. The Instagram, Facebook, Podcast, and YouTube. You can see how each repurposes information while adding value.

  1. Come from a place of authenticity

Coming from a place of authenticity versus trying to be a salesperson is a marketing shift that goes a long way in creating success. Before marketing considers your style and how you want to get your message across. I often recommend clinicians to market with what feels comfortable versus copying another person’s style. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t find guides. Instead, ensure that you are comfortable and connected to the process.

  1. Use email marketing

Just about every marketing approach I teach, I try to do my best to keep it simple. With an email list think about how you can add people to your email list and the conversion you are looking for. For instance, you can create a free template that gives people coping skills to manage negative thoughts. From that point, people can join your email list. The goal can be to convert people on the email list to purchase products you have, start therapy, and more.

  1. Daily networking strategy should be part of your marketing strategy

Take time to focus on finding space to work on networking. Very similar to the time you spend with a client during the session. Engage in daily marketing in the same way. During this time, focus on cold calling or emailing contacts. Take time to reach out to potential referral partners.

  1. Write thank-you notes

Marketing strategies are aimed to support building your brand. They are roads that lead to your brand. Take time to focus on creating a list of all your referrals. Focus on maintain relationships by sending thank you cards.

  1. Spend time in meetings and networking organizations

A clear way to build your marketing efforts is by going to meetings that directly put you in a space where you are able to build relationships with professionals in the area. An example of this is to join your local commerce organization or attend a conference of your interest. Take time to attend and work to build relationships.

  1. Structure your website to highlight your expertise

You probably have noticed that when it comes to your website, it’s important to focus on average Joe terms. In addition, it’s important to focus on highlighting your expertise by mentioning places you have published at, books you’ve written, and other accomplishments. This helps clients get to know you as you market your counseling practice. Check out my website here, you can scroll down to see the image I posted for credibility on places I have been featured in. this helps to build credibility.

  1. Use Quora.com to build leads

Take time to build a profile on Quora. It’s kind of like Redditt. You can build your profile based on areas of your expertise. Take time to answer questions and link back to your website. Over time, you will receive readers and even persons that ask you specific questions. This turns into a great marketing tool as people on Quora.com can transition to your website.

To receive support with marketing and starting your counseling practice check out the online all-inclusive courses: https://immigration-evaluation-training.teachable.com/


Knowing the market that you serve.

When building a successful business, it’s important to have a clear vision of who you serve. In the counseling world, this is connected to your avatar. This process includes taking time to understand the market that you serve in order to ensure that your ideal client is part of that market.

If not, you find yourself building a business in a market that may not necessarily be in need of the service you are providing.

Thank you for reading.

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