Leveling-Up Your Counseling Private Practice

private practice owner is happy about leveling-up her business

Having Fun With Leveling Up Your Counseling Private Practice

Are you feeling stuck? It makes sense why sometimes we feel stuck on our journey of private practice. What maybe was working a year ago is not working as effectively right now. Not only does it make sense, but it’s a positive. Why? Well, it means that growth is taking place. The strategies you were using, maybe at the beginning of opening your private practice, may not be working now to the same effectiveness. Overall, that’s a good thing!

man is happy about leveling-up his private practice.

Level-Up Your Private Practice

You may have those nights when you’re scratching your head because you’re trying to use the same methods, the same methodology you were using in the early years of private practice. If it’s no longer working, it could be time to level-up. You hear that term “level-up” out there. There are individuals out there in our private practice field supporting us in our private practice journey. Indeed they have helped me, and maybe they are supporting you in your journey. So, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “level-up.”

Leveling-up is the basis of today’s blog. Look at what we need to do to level-up your private practice. What do we need to do to make sure that we’re going in the right direction? I want to play with the idea of taking a step back from your business to look at our systems and logistics. For instance, how is your content creation coming along?

Level-Up Your Blog Posts

Are your blogs standing out amongst the crowded internet? There are so many practitioners out there. Plus, there are so many private practice owners in the consulting world, all these outstanding individuals who have supported me in my journey that may have helped you. The standard message across the board is, where’s your blog at, man? What’s your blog doing? Is your blog is laying low, or is your blog shining bright?

level-up your private practice blog writing

Maybe some of you out there need a little bit of help. There are content writers that you could hire at a specific rate. Then, you sit down with them, and you coach them. You tell them the topics that you want to write about – focus on your ideal client. If it’s anxiety, then let them know that you wish to have blogs on anxiety. The writer will do their due diligence or do the research to write it. Later, they can send it over to you; you can look at it, edit it, check it out, and make sure it looks fine.

You Have Writing Skills

While on the other hand, you may be able to write a blog on your own. So having a blog is not something that is out of our scope of practice. If you’re reading this blog, more than likely, you’re already out of graduate school and working in private practice, or you’re in graduate school, which tells me right away that you have writing skills. Anyone in or out of graduate school can grab that pen and paper and write certain things down. It’s just making that bridge into creating the blog that shows off your genuine and authentic self.

tips for leveling-up your private practice blog

Is your blog not ranking the way that you want it to rank? Some people find that their blog is not bringing any conversions, meaning that return on investment. Unfortunately, you’re pushing the blog out there, and no clients are coming in. Remember, don’t be so hard on yourself. People will read your blog and see your content! The first thing I’d like for you is to make sure that when you’re writing a blog, you’re sticking to 3,000 words. It’s the number to stick around to make sure we’re ranking effectively. There are always competitors out there. So we want to make sure that we’re not comparing ourselves to others, but we’re looking on par with them. If you want more help with your blog posts, learn more about optimizing your counseling website using search engine optimization.

Level-Up Your Organizational Hierarchy

The journey of private practice can be lonely, and it can be overwhelming. Also, it can be excellent, rewarding, and beautiful! Basically, private practice can be everything that you want it to be. So, we need to talk specifically about organizational hierarchy – it is a chart that big companies have. I found myself at one point, as the CEO, the CFO, the Director of Sales, the manager, the janitor, the billing specialist, a supervisor of the building, the marketing coordinator, a virtual assistant, and the marketing personnel. I was the person who did cold calls, the person who set up ads, and the person who would come in on the weekends to make sure things looked okay.

drawing a private practice organizational chart.

Are you in a similar situation with your private practice? I want you to understand the importance of writing an organizational chart down and filling it out. At some point, your business is going to continue to grow and level up. Maybe right now you are starting, and it’s just you! I get that sometimes you’re exhausted. Private practice is exciting, and it’s stressful. However, it’s time to work on this organizational chart; please write it down. I want you to get on Google if you get stuck on what it looks like. But overall, you’ve got a big box on top, make it a rectangle, and then draw a line underneath it, and then draw a long line that goes across write a horizontal line. Then, you’re going to have boxes that go underneath the horizontal line with a little vertical line sticking to it. As you go down, you know, some of the ones down there may have like an intake coordinator, receptionists, billing specialists, record specialists, or director of content marketing.

What I want you to do is I want you to fill yours out; I want you to fill out each of these positions as they would be in an actual job, treat your business like a business. I repeat – treat your business like a business. I want you to think about something; I want you to imagine that your business is thriving. Your business is doing fantastic. Eventually, someone says, “I want to buy your business.” You will be smiling from cheek to cheek. Then, they tell you how much they’re going to pay you for your business, and you’re smiling now, from one in the street to the other end of the road. You’re excited to be able to sell this business.

private practice owner is happy about leveling-up her business

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