When Should You Hire Your First Assistant?

When Should You Hire Your First Assistant?


If you hire people that are smarter than you, then your business is going to grow. Also, think about your ability to do things. As a therapist, there are tons of things to do. We need to support our clients, answer the phones, set up our website, SEO, respond to emails, create content, manage our social media, and a bunch of other stuff. At some point, you need to take a step back and say, “I don’t know how to do all of it.” It’s okay!

Allocate Tasks


We need to take a step back and think about how we can invest in our business by allocating tasks. It will make a huge difference when you give tasks to people who are very capable of doing them. First, identify all of the tasks that you have in your business. Think about the creative tasks that you do, like research, design, and content creation. Think about the technical jobs you do, like setting up your systems, setting up your email, and setting up your website.

Consider Your Earnings


Then, look at your earnings and think about how many hours of work that you do. Now, think about how much time you spend on all of the tasks that you listed. Let’s say you do ten hours of website design each week. That’s the time you are donating with the hope that it will have ROI. Those are ten hours you could spend with clients making money. If you paid someone for those ten hours, would you make enough money in return?

Consider Your Expertise


When you hire someone, they only have to wear one hat. If you do many tasks in your business, how much will you spend to become an expert in those tasks? You probably do not spend a lot of time becoming an expert in everything. With your clinical tasks, technical tasks, and administrative tasks, there is no way you’ll have time to become an expert in each of those areas. In addition, you won’t make the same amount of money in each of those areas. Your trade is as a clinician; that’s how you make money. Whenever you aren’t doing clinical work, then you aren’t making money.

Work ON Your Business


Overall, focus on your clinical work and pay for your assistant. That way, you’ll build infrastructure, and you are no longer working IN the business. Instead, you are working ON the business. Eventually, you can lower your hours and do the extra things you want to do, like writing books, starting a podcast, or spending more time with your family. It’s a process to get here, but hiring an assistant is a step in the right direction.

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