Why Clinicians Should Have Logistics Before Marketing

Why Clinicians Should Have Logistics Before Marketing


Today, I want you to understand why we must pump our breaks when it comes to marketing. A lot of us are too eager about marketing. We know the big picture: we find clients, they come to a session, and we support them. At the core element, we love the work that we do, and we are passionate. I am going to pull us back when it comes to being an eager marketing beaver.

Systems In Place

Imagine getting a full caseload each week; you are grinning from cheek to cheek. However, what happens when you don’t have systems? If you don’t know how to call the insurance company, how will you help your clients? What if your client wants to make a telehealth appointment? Do you have that system in place? When someone sends an email, you might spend an hour to respond. Instead, you could have a template that saves you a lot of time. This is yet another example of having systems in place.

Clinicians are entrepreneurs. Plus, we need to be a marketing coordinator, a manager, an accountant, a janitor, and many other jobs. So, we need to steer away from figuring out creative ways to market. Instead, we need to look at logistics within your business. Do you have systems in place? A new clinician should be able to come in and know what they are doing. For instance, there needs to be a system for when a new client joins the practice. The system should work logistically within the organization. That way, whenever you have a full caseload, your clients have a beautiful experience.

If a client has a bad experience, they might not come back. Plus, they might even write a bad review on Google. Which, in turn, could deter other clients from joining your practice. There is one question that I ask myself when it comes to knowing if my systems are efficient or not. Ask yourself: if I sold my business, would I be selling a job to someone else, or would I be selling a fully operational business? Let that sink in.

Build A Referral System

One of the biggest systems you should have in place is a solid referral system. Before you can build your referral system, you need to identify your ideal client. Once you know exactly who you are serving, then you can identify potential referral partners. Identify other counselors in the areas that you serve and build relationships with them. Then, make your pitch. Don’t forget to write down what you want to see to a potential referral partner, this can be used in future requests. Don’t forget to follow up with a thank you. Personally, I like to write a thank you card. It stands out! If you want to learn more about building a sold referral system check out this blog post: Actions To Build A Solid Referral System In Private Practice.

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