When Is The Best Time For Me To Start Hiring?

When Is The Best Time For Me To Start Hiring?

There are some complicated variables about when you should hire. A great time to hire is when you have a couple of ducks in a row.

Systems In Place

Your first duck is your system, and the logistically part of your business is set up. For instance, you should have a separate bank account for your business expenses – set up a different account (business account) under your business name/practice group name and tax ID number. This account is used to receive and pay all business-related monies. The golden rule of private practice is to keep your business money and personal money separate. You also need to have an EHR and make sure that there’s a process for your daily tasks.

Work Culture

The second duck is your cultural understanding of your business. That way, when you hire someone, they have an understanding of the culture. Think about your college. What was the culture there? Before you went to that school, you most likely knew what it was already going to be like because of the culture. Creating a work culture will ensure that you are heading in the right direction when building and sustaining your private practice. I want you to think about places you have worked in in the past that stuck out to you positively. I want you to consider the leadership books you have read. I was hoping you could think about mentors you have worked with that left a positive mark or even a negative mark.

Find Space

The third duck is having space. Do you have a physical space, or are you working with telehealth? You will need to know if the person you are hiring will have a place to work. Plus, if they are going to work remotely, that needs to be clear to your new hire. Thinking about space should be something you know about well before you hire the person. Some space options include clinician home-based therapy, client home-based therapy, subleasing office space, renting an entire office, or purchasing commercial property. Think of what will work best for the processes that you have in place.

These are the three basic ducks that you need to have in a row before you start hiring people. It may not matter how many clients you have, whether you have forty clients or ten clients. It just depends on how many clients you want to take on and whether a group practice would be the right fit. What matters is that your structure is ready to bring in another person. Make sure that you know everything about your business before you bring someone else on board.

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