Tips For Counselors When Building An Email List

Ways Counselors In Private Practice Can Learn To Use An Email List To Grow Their Therapy Private Practice. Learn How To Build A Successful Counseling Mental Health Business

The listed strategies below aim to help counselors in private practice start and grow a email list. It’s important to understand that the point of an email list is to build a community that you can support. It’s up to you how you want to support your community. Some clinicians have an email list that is as simple as providing tips or helpful tools.

A strategy that you can utilize to start and grow an email list is hiring a professional. Fiverr has some pretty awesome professionals that you can connect with to help you with starting and growing an email list.

6 Tips For Counselors When Building An Email List

Build An Awesome Circle

Having an email list is a great way to get to know more people. Over time, more individuals will join your email list, and as such your circle of peers will group. I absolutely love having an email list, it reminds me of a typical interest group. Everyone comes together based on a common interest and my role is to provide supportive feedback. I love sharing helpful reads, useful videos, and tips aimed at supporting clinicians in private practice to build success without feeling overwhelmed.

Use Creativity

When using an email list, take time to align the style. Everything from the appropriate color to the font. For instance, consider matching the theme color of your business to the email list template color. This helps to create a smooth and user-friendly email.

Make It User Friendly

Ensure that your email is user-friendly in respect to giving people with phones, computers, and other devices easy access. Most email list have a tool that allows you to see a preview before sending the email to your audience. Try to send out a few emails as practice so that you can take time to ensure that the email looks nice and clean on all types of devices.

Get To Know Your Audience

Get to know your audience before creating your email list. An email list is directly connected to the audience it serves. For instance, my email list for A Counselors Journey is focused on helping clinicians that want to build a successful private practice. The audience receives helpful tips focused on creating passive income for private practice, transitioning from solo to group practice, and more topics all focused on private practice.

Add A Call To Action

Add a call to action to your email before sending it out. A call to action is typically a button with a link that nudges the reader to take an action. For instance, in this website ( there are buttons that lead you to start consulting with me. When you decided to create a call to action, take time to ensure that the link is working. Take time to create mail that is smooth so that the reader can engage in reading the email and at the end experience a smooth transition to the call to action button.

Hire An Expert

Work with a marketing expert. From time to time, I will hire a marketing expert to take a look at my email templates. I do this to get a different perspective on the template. Typically, the marketing expert will point out items such as: creating a new call to action buttons, adding videos, adding webinars, having links to articles that are helpful, and more.

When building your email list consider the hosting platform. For me, I have courses that I offer to counselors in private practice who want to build a successful therapy practice. Teachable gives you access to communicate with your students.

Platforms to use for course creation:

For course creation, I have Teachable. The platform work to provide the course creator with a platform that they can use to create products such as an online course or offer coaching.

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