Surviving The Summer In Private Practice

Surviving The Summer In Private Practice

Creating Content

If you’re not interested in writing, perhaps you will consider making a video. Why is this important? Three letters: SEO. SEO is your baby for being found online. During COVID, people are looking for their services in the online space. At some point, it can be a mix between face-to-face and online. However, a lot of energy currently needs to be in the online space.

There can be a bit of a lag during the summer. If you’re looking for something to do, then I would push you to create more content. The more content that you create, the better chances people will find you online. It doesn’t have to be a massive system; it can be straightforward. Think of ten different patients that you have served in the past. Next, please consider their concerns, common symptoms, and the strategies you supported those clients with.

Let’s say you have a client that struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. The name of your blog post can be: How To Navigate Suicidal Thoughts. The content of the post would be common symptoms like trouble sleeping, negative thoughts, and constant worries. Lastly, you would give coping skills like deep breathing, journal writing, art activities, and reframing beliefs.

Finally, make sure you include a call to action. Include links for potential clients to schedule an appointment with you. The more that you do this, the more your SEO will get boosted. That way, you can reduce the summer slump.

Creating Groups

During the summer, there’s a decrease in individual sessions. You can make up this money by creating group sessions. For instance, a one-on-one session may cost $100. Or, you can create a group session that costs each person $50. For each person, it’s cheaper than paying $100. If you do a group of six people, you’ll receive $300 per session. For that hour, it comes out more than it would come out for an individual session. Also, when you do group sessions, you’ll receive more referrals. Instead of one person referring your services to others, you’ll have six different people referring others to your services. That word of mouth is going to spread much faster than it does with individual sessions.

Making Passive Income

Play with passive income the same way you would by creating a blog post. Instead of a blog, create a workbook. It will be a similar structure, what is the concern that you are addressing? In the workbook, you share common symptoms in the same way that you would in a professional session with a client. Lastly, you will go into coping skills. This way, you can simply redo what you already do in your sessions. It serves a beautiful need. There are so many people out there who are looking for help. If you do not write this content, then potential clients will never be able to find you.

This blog post is a recap from my YouTube channel. Watch the video Surviving The Summer In Private Practice.

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Listen to Episode 10 of A Counselor’s Journey: How Counselors Can Survive The Summer Slump In Private Practice.

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