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After a few years of flying solo in private practice, My wife and I started our counseling practice, Santos Counseling PLLC. We had this idea of wanting a family practice, a space that those we serve in our community could receive the very best service while feeling at home. Today, we feel contentment.

We created this course to help clinicians build confidence and success in their transition to a group practice. We love being practice owners. Having our kids help us clean the office on the weekends. Being able to operate a business as a couple. We want to thank you for trusting in us.

Some of the exercises you can expect :

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  • Building Logistics To Grow Your Practice
  • Best Practices For Marketing & Branding
  • Developing Business Systems To Work Smarter – Not Harder
  • Onboarding Protocols for Clients & New Staff Members
  • Finding A Niche For Your Practice & Style
  • Addressing Other Issues Specific To Your Areas Of Expertise

You are probably wondering what’s this course going to do…

I love the question!

This course was created to help clinicians build confidence and happiness as group practice owners.

The course gives you everything you need and more.

You are here because you want to learn how to build a successful group practice.

Most Therapist Think...

  • “I won’t be successful in a group practice because I have to depend on others…”
  • “I don’t know what to focus on in order to actually get new clients.”
  • “I don’t make enough money to start a group practice.”
  • “I’ve never done it before so I can’t.”

Why Me?

“What Does Juan Santos Bring To The Table?

I’m not trying to be some kind of salesman, or hero. I’m just a guy with a lot of experience doing this the right way and the hard way. As counselors we love to help people. Keeping these experiences to myself wouldn’t help anybody. I want to help you help others while making sure you are taking care of yourself. If being your own boss at the top of a private practice you own & run is something you want to do & do well… Lets talk about it.

  • I love what I get to do! I love working with others on creative solutions to meet a need and teach others.
  • To date I have successfully supported hundreds of clinicians in their journey of private practice.
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What Clinicians Are Saying About The Course

When I transitioned from a solo practice to a group practice, I decided to dive right in. I quickly released how much I didn’t know about the process and found myself feeling overwhelmed. I contacted Juan after doing his course on immigration evaluations and asked if he could provide consulting services. After the first consultation, I learned so much I would have never thought of! Juan really helped me navigate some of the important aspects of running and growing a group practice and broke everything down for me in a way that I could understand and gradually work towards implementing. We discussed everything from managing the financial aspects, hiring, work culture, and navigating challenges that arise. He really took the time to learn about me, my practice, and my style of management to create a personalized approach specific to my practice needs. Even with the things I was doing well, he was able to help me fine tune them and come up with smoother and simpler processes. I highly recommend working with Juan if you are planning to transition to or already have a group practice. You will learn so many wonderful tools to help you run a successful and thriving practice.

— Erika Hernandez, LCSW

Starting a group counseling practice can be an overwhelming experience filled with processes and procedures that can take hours to search, research, and understand. Juan Santos’ course Start A Group Counseling Private Practice will not only help you in starting, growing, and marketing your counseling practice, it will also give you a step by step guide so that you do not have to be drained by a process that should be fulfilling. As a group practice owner, I found this course to be an invaluable resource for mental health clinicians seeking to experience success with a group practice.

— Brent Garrard, LPCC, LCADC Owensboro, Kentucky​

Key Topics Included







You deserve to stop feeling overwhelmed. To know exactly how to build a successful group practice! Take the course.

I love your desire to help more people and continue to sharpen your skills as a clinician and business owner.

Building & running a private practice is a journey that doesn’t come intuitively to a lot of counselors. There are lots of little things that we have to learn by trial and error and unfortunately, those errors can cost time and money before you realize what mistake you are about to learn from. I have always been of the mindset that learning from other peoples’ expertise is far less painful than the trial and error method.

Thus I have opened up my time to help counselors like you to learn about therapist journeys in growing their private practice into a successful business that helps more people, more efficiently.

I have helped clinicians just like you advance their knowledge, business savvy, and private practices that are more profitable and easier to run than they ever believed possible.

Some people hire me as a consultant before they start, others reach out when they have a practice but feel they are putting in more work than they would like for what they get out of it.

I’m certain that the group practice master course will help you accelerate the growth and profitability of your counseling practice.

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