Optimizing Your Counseling Practice Homepage

Optimizing Your Counseling Practice Homepage

Your website is where people get to see who you are. It’s time that your website has a facelift. Your potential clients see if you are a good fit for them, and they get to dig deep on your website. If your potential client is struggling with their relationship, they’re going to look at your content and see if you are the right person for them. I want to be here with you on this journey. Here are some changes we need to think about when it comes to optimizing your homepage:

Images and videos.

It’s essential to have clean images and clean videos. If you have a picture on your homepage, it should look like a professional picture. It needs to look like something that you invested in. Photos from home can be cute, but it’s not something you want on your counseling website. Think about your images, are they clean, professional, and something you proud of? Also, the videos should have good lighting and good sound.

Include a scene that connects to your practice.

If you have an image on your homepage, it should connect to your private practice or group practice. For a private practice, it can be a picture of you. It lets your clients know that you are the counselor they will be working with. That way, your client won’t be guessing who they are working with, and it allows them to have peace of mind about finding a therapist. If you have a group practice, the picture should be of your staff. On my homepage, I have a picture of my staff and me that way, people know it’s a team.

Call to action.

A call to action can be a phone number on your homepage, a link to ask questions, a link to schedule an appointment, a link to learn more about a service, or a contact form. Maybe you sell products or a course, there could be a link to that. The calls to action should be present on the homepage. However, you shouldn’t have too many. If a potential client is there for a counseling session, do you want them to buy your book instead? It could be steering them away from the schedule button. Have three calls to action at most.

Question and answer.

When you think about questions and answers, think about common problems that clients ask you. For me, patients ask me how much a session will cost, how long therapy will take, and if the sessions are virtual. These are typical questions a client could think about. So, on your homepage, think about the most common questions. More than likely, when a client is reaching out to you, they will be thinking about those questions. When you create your website, you want to come from a place of service and wanting to make it easy. That way, no one will get stuck in their ability to make decisions.


Your font, font size, and colors should look similar throughout your homepage. If it’s not identical, it will look messy, and the reader will not have a good experience. Plus, your website should have similar colors throughout the website. I use dark green because it brings me a sense of calmness. I also have a yellow color that runs with it because it has good contrast. I also use white because it helps the wording pop out. That way, people can read it easily.

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