Metrics That Counselors Should Focus On In Private Practice

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What are the most important metrics to keep track of in your counseling private practice?

When building a counseling private practice, it is vital to focus on metrics. The measures that you are taking to ensure that your practice is operating as it should. In my private practice, Santos Counseling PLLC. I find it helps to evaluate customer service, client retention, referral retention, and incoming phone calls and emails.

Below are metrics to measure in your counseling practice:

  1. The number of calls and emails. Each month, find time to evaluate how many phone calls and emails you are receiving. Understand trends. For instance, are you receiving more organic phone calls versus paid through advertisements such as Google Ads. The focus here is to understand what’s working and continue to move forward in that direction.
  2. Appointment Volume. Each month evaluate how many appointments you are scheduling. This metric differs from the one prior. The goal here is to identify the number of appointments in connection to income. Such as 10 appointments in a month, each at $100.00 per hour, coming to $1,000. This point, you can shift to the next metric, earnings.
  3. Earnings. Each month using your chosen system. Such as excel or Quickbooks. Identify how much you have pulled into the business compared to expenses. This metric gives you an idea of what you should be doing each month. Such as increasing marketing dollars, increasing your rate, and other decisions that can create change in your counseling business.


Check out the video below that goes more into metrics:

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