Creating A 2021 Counseling Practice Marketing Plan

Learn How To Market Your Counseling Business, Start A Counseling Business, Create Passive Income, And Build A 6 Figure Counseling Private Practice

Creating A 2021 Counseling Practice Marketing Plan

Congrats on making it to 2021!

Today is all about building a successful practice, making more money, and supporting those you serve. Life is all about being excited, so it’s time to get excited about who you serve. Hopefully, you are eager to look at your marketing plan for 2021.

Preparing For Your Marketing Plan

The first area we need to look at is preparation. When it comes to preparation, I want us to acknowledge who we are serving. Who is your ideal client? When it comes to marketing, you don’t want to market to people all over the world. So, make sure to identify your ideal client. Then, please write it down.

We tend to be too broad when it comes to our ideal client. Let’s say you want to work with someone who has anxiety. Well, it needs to be niched down even more. Anxiety could mean a child with anxiety, a teen with anxiety, or an adult with anxiety. Being that broad will make it difficult for your target client to find you. When your website is vague, your clients might not understand if they can work with you or not.

Remember, there’s a difference between your ideal client and just any old client. Take time and draw out your ideal client. Who do you really want to work with? When there’s a tough session, will you still be excited to work with them again? Once you figure this out, it will reduce downfalls later down the road.

Review Your Previous Marketing Efforts

Next, review what has happened in the past. Identify what has worked to support your marketing process. For instance, which paid ads worked? If your paid ad for relationships did well, then that’s something to remember when creating your 2021 counseling practice marketing plan.

Another thing to think about is how your social media engagement is doing. Look at your social media analytics and review which of your posts did the best and which of your posts didn’t do so hot. Now, check what day of the week you posted them and what time of day you posted them. Remember, this data will also vary based on each account that you have. Once you have reviewed the data, then you can be more mindful when posting to social media.

Implement Your Marketing Plan

Lastly, it’s time to implement your plan. Remember to use what has worked in the past. If something is working, keep it going! Plus, don’t forget that you can always add to what’s working and make it even better.

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