Key Ways To Negotiate Fees With EAP and Insurance Companies

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Increasing your insurance rates

Most clinicians assume that the insurance rate is fixed or that it’s entirely up to the insurance company or EAP organization to decide.

This is FALSE.

You are able to negotiate your fees and highlight your worth. Often insurance companies and EAP programs contract clinicians and provide them with a standard fee of reimbursement based on the market. It’s entirely up to the clinician to negotiate.


So, today I want to welcome you to explore your worth.

Ways to explore growth as a counselor:

A clinician’s worth can be connected to continuing education courses, additional training, additional certifications, further education, and more. All of these variables work to increase confidence and leverage negotiation.


Email template to use when negotiating fees with insurance or EAP.


Subject: Provider Reimbursement Support

Dear ________,

Hoping that this email finds you well.

My name is Clinician Name and I am reaching out for support in establishing an increase in my reimbursement fees. As a provider with your insurance organization, my current rate for 90791 is ______ and 90837 ________. These are the common billing codes I utilize when serving your customers.

My contract with your organization began ______. To date, I have engaged in the following areas listed below which highlight my request for an increase in reimbursement: (a) continuing education (b) additional years of experience (c) _________ (d) ___________.

I am requesting an increase in my current reimbursement rates for 90791 and 90837 based on the evidence provided above.


Clinician Name