Key Pages Your Counseling Practice Website Needs

Key Pages Your Counseling Practice Website Needs

Key Pages Your Counseling Practice Website Needs

For today, we are going to look at pages on your website. I am going to give you nuggets of information that you can use right away. Your clients should land your website, have a beautiful experience, and know that you are the right therapist for them. Plus, before a client shows up, they should have a good idea about their therapist. So, here are some key pages that you need on your website:

Overview of Services Page

Overall, make sure you steer away from clinical jargon. This page will be the central hub and should have a detailed explanation of your services. Images can help break up the text, so it’s easy to read. The person should then click on a particular service, and that will take them to another page. Also, be sure to include common questions and the answers to those questions.

Specific Service Pages

Once the potential client clicks on a service, it will take them to that specific service page. For instance, if you provide anxiety counseling, then list that on the main services page. Then, you will have an anxiety counseling page. On this page is where you can go into loads of details. You can have information about fees and how often you will meet. There can even be a video about what they can expect in their first session. This page should answer all of the questions that a potential client will have. Make sure that you have a call to action like schedule an appointment or a contact form.

Contact Us Page

On there, include a location map so people can see where you are in town. Also, make sure there is a contact form for people who want to get in touch with you. That way, if they don’t feel like calling, you still get their information. Plus, it provides a high level of service. If a potential client has questions, they might not have time to get on the phone. A contact form makes it easy for people.

Common Questions

This page should answer any and every question that potential clients will have. Write down the most common questions on a sheet of paper, then write down the common answers to each of those questions. Some of the most common questions include insurance, fees, and confidentiality. However, it will depend on your practice and your ideal client. Find a fluid way to provide them with the answers.

Resource Page

A lot of practices don’t have this page. However, it is essential from a business perspective. If your client struggles with anxiety, then the resource page can be helpful for them. For instance, if you think a gym will be great for your clients, then you can write down local gyms in the community on the resource page.

Overall, with our website, there are a lot of purposes to keep in mind. First, we need to answer people’s questions. Second, we need to get people from point A to point B.

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