How Products Can Transform A Counseling Practice

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Creating Free Products

I want to get into the importance of creating a free product, and I did use a big word, FREE. As clinicians, we are healers we nurture, we support, and we guide. I think free products are essential for us. Free products let us create, and they lead to a specific funnel system on the business end. For instance, you can write an eBook as your free product. You want the eBook to help others – that’s the core of it. You also want to look at what other purposes it can serve. For instance, an eBook can build your brand. Plus, free products will create validity, reliability, and authority.

Creating a Funnel

A massive plus for creating free products is creating a funnel. So by having a free product, you’re able to give your audience something and receive another thing in exchange. If you’re going to create something first, remember, the creating process takes time. You have so many items in your life to do. So, if you’re going to do this, give it 110 percent – try your best. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. If you know deep in your heart and your core that you’re trying and you’re doing a good job, that’s all the matters, because we understand how life works. When someone goes to your website to find your eBook, the person puts their email in, and they submit it. Then, from your end, you get the record of their email and receive that product. That’s the way that the free part of it works. People will download the eBook, read it, follow your blog, and then come to you for counseling.

The Creation Process

Let’s go into the creative process so that you’re able to navigate through all this. So when we think about the product that you have, ask yourself what the end in mind is? The end in mind is that the person is reading your free eBook; eventually, it can lead to either a sale or a potential client. What are the resources that we can utilize to make the product more effective? In your eBook, you can include images. Instead of going out there with your camera and taking a bunch of random pictures, you can go to Canva and get a beautiful picture. You have resources. The purpose of me sharing this is to hopefully alleviate some of that anxiety, some of that worry. When it comes to your artwork, you can go to Canva.

The Structure of Free Products

From there, I want to share with you the structure of your product. Clinicians and mental health professionals are doing a beautiful job at it. Because you already do this every day when you’re working with a patient. You’re creating structure. We are taught that we need to identify the concerning problem, and then create a treatment plan. If you know how to identify the concerning issue, you can create any project that you want. Think about what problem you are trying to solve. Then, create a product around the solution.

The Importance of Consistency

The other part I want to share with you has to do with consistency. When we create products, we also want to make sure that they’re pretty efficient. I like to think about Target. Whenever I go and target, it’s usually from my experience clean, it’s organized. The light is bright; I don’t feel like I’m walking through this gloomy dark place. I won’t mention any other stores. Maybe some of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about. Target gives you a pleasant experience. So when you think about your product, you think about your audiobook, your podcast, your book, your course, whatever your product is, try to pay attention to consistency.

If you have an eBook, and we say the first page of the book you’re using 20 font, Times New Roman. Then, on the second page, you go to 12 font, Times New Roman. That right away, it’s going to give the person kind of cringe. It would be no different than if you went into Target tomorrow, and then suddenly, the scenery changed. That would be kind of a shock. Those are the shocks that steer people away. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to create a huge or a negative experience. We want to make sure that there’s consistency. Make sure that you are giving away the best version of yourself as possible.


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