Hiring A Marketing Person To Do Google Ads For Your Counseling Practice

Hiring A Marketing Person To Do Google Ads For Your Counseling Practice


Question and Answer: I’m thinking of having a marketing person for Google Ads. How much should I spend?


Write Down Your Ideal Client

The idea of hiring a marketing person for Google Ads means you are probably targeting a specific audience. If you haven’t already, write down everything about your ideal client. When you know who your perfect client is, you will know what keywords you need to use. There are loads of keyword tools on the internet. The marketing person will develop an audience for you. They will pick specific keywords and pick a particular time of day when it will be live.

Some things you need to consider when thinking about your ideal client is their name and their presenting concern. For instance, his name is Juan Santos, and he has negative thoughts about himself. Then, write down how long Juan has been exhibiting this behavior. Also, write down Juan’s goals. For example, maybe Juan wants to have better relationships and learn how to tame his anxiety. Once you have the ideal client, then think about one or two sentences that define how you will work with your ideal client: “I help men who struggle with anxiety.” This information will be essential for a marketing person to know.


Paying Google Per Click

When it comes to Google, you pay per click. So if someone sees your ad and doesn’t click on it, you don’t have to spend any money. However, if someone does click on your ad, then you pay for that click. There is usually a low, medium, to a high threshold. If your area is a hot commodity for marriage counseling, then the click will cost like $10 or more. From that point, think about your return on investment. If your keyword costs $10 a click, that person might schedule an appointment with you. It’s a conversion! If you charge $200 an hour, then that was a substantial investment that you made.


Paying A Marketer Per Campaign

The other area that you are going to put money in is with your marketing person. Some people will charge per campaign. For that creation process, it might cost $1,000 plus the money that you pay Google. If a month goes by, the marketer says that there are negative keywords, you will have to do maintenance. So remember that you might end up paying extra to maintain things. I believe in DIY, but I also believe in outsourcing things. How do you know if you are doing the right thing? If you could be making money with clients, you might want to consider outsourcing this task. However, if you have some extra time on your hands, you might want to go the DIY route. It will also depend on your knowledge and budget.


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