How Counselors Can Use An Email List To Grow Their Practice

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How Counselors Can Use An Email List To Grow Their Practice

We need an email list as counselors. In graduate school, we were not taught the business side of private practice. Instead, we focus on our patients and serving them. That’s why it’s so pivotal to utilize an email list. Your email list is a way to connect with your clients.


You need some sort of audience for your email list. As clinicians, the most obvious audience for your email list would be your clients. How can you serve your audience if you update them once a month? Here are some ideas about things you can update your clients on:

  • When your office is closed.
  • About new counselors who join your practice.
  • Your office hours have changed.
  • Your fees have changed.
  • There’s new research in your field of work.
  • Any books that you recommend.
  • Any courses that you recommend.
  • YouTube videos that you recommend.


Now that you are building relationships through email, you need to have goals. What are you doing, and what are you trying to foster? Being a therapist involves a process of cultivating relationships. So, a good goal would be to foster relationships with clients and help keep your clients satisfied. If you’re selling any products, another goal would be to make sales. Be as specific as possible when setting your goals.


Identify a system that is going to work for you. How often are you going to email your list? Tons of research will tell you how often to send emails. However, the one thing that will be critical is consistency. If you’re going to email them once a week, stay consistent. If you’re going to send an email once a month, stay consistent. If you suddenly stop emails, then it’s a bad look, and your rapport will go down.


Find the right tools that are going to help you accomplish your goals. Mailchimp is a tool that I use for my emails. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform that enables you to manage and talk to your clients. Mailchimp is super easy to use and works in almost all web browsers. Plus, you don’t need to download any software to make it work. Also, Mailchimp will give you an update when you get more subscribers. Plus, you can design all the emails in a crafty way; it’s a high-end resource that you can utilize. It helps you stay unique!


Your purpose will connect with goals. If your audience is your clients, maybe the conversion is happiness and contentment. Overall, you want to serve your clients. So, make sure that your email has a purpose. The last thing you want to do is send an email just to send an email. Make sure it has your voice behind it, there’s a message, and the client will get some sort of value from it.

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