Building Multiple Streams of Income In Private Practice

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Are you ready to take a dive into all the additional ways you can build passive income?

As a counselor, I believe that you have the perfect set of tools to create multiple streams of income. Here is why simply because you do a great job every day you go to work. As a counselor in private practice, you hold a level of clinical knowledge that serves those in your community. You are waking up each day engaging in continuing education all with the focus of providing a more effective clinical service.

Today, we can take all of that clinical knowledge and work to create multiple streams of income.

Below you will see a list of multiple streams of income. These are additional ways that you can create passive income.

Before you pick one, take time to identify who your ideal client is.

Explore the questions to the best of your ability. This is the first step in creating success in your journey of building multiple streams of income:

  • Focus on your niche or your specialty.
  • Who do serve in your counseling sessions?
  • What is your specialty?
  • If you could create a client and serve them to the best of your ability. What would that look like?


Take time to answer the questions above. The goal is to become very clear on those answers. The better your clarity the easier it will be to create your additional streams of income.

Below are 5 ways that you can create additional streams of income:

  1. Create a game. Take time to evaluate how you help your clients overcome a specific challenge. Take the content from your session and turn it into a game. As an example, if you work with persons that struggle with self-esteem. You can create a card game that is focused on affirmations and building self-esteem.
  2. Create an ebook. This route can be simple if you choose to self-publish on Amazon. The ebook can connect to your counseling session. Break it up in three sections. Start with the presenting concern. You can think about why your ideal client comes to see you. The next section of the book is focused on triggers. The last part of the book is focused on coping skills.
  3. Write for publications. Reach out to magazines or newspapers. Share that you can write on topics connected to your ideal client. If you serve men that struggle with mood disorders, maybe you can write on magazines like men’s health.
  4. Create a course focused on your clinical skills. This course can be focused on how you help your clients. Take the same route as I shared above with the book.
  5. Create a course that teaches counselors. This course focuses on you teaching other counselors your clinical skills so that they can better serve their clients. For me, it’s teaching counselors how to niche their practice with writing immigration evaluations. 

In this podcast episode interview clinician, Vanessa Lech who owns a private practice shares her story and creativity in creating multiple streams of income. She is an innovative clinician who has branched out into creating a podcast, “Unraveled“, creating products from an anger management therapy card game to authoring books such as her latest, “Burn Out Self Care for Behavioral Health Clinicians” (

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Learn how Vanessa got started in private practice and what she did to overcome challenges and build a successful counseling business, start a podcast, and write books.

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