Actions To Build A Solid Referral System In Private Practice

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Actions To Build A Solid Referral System In Private Practice

There are five actions you can take ASAP to build solid referrals and success in your private practice.

  1. Identify your ideal client. Think about your ideal client in as much detail as you can. Write down their name, and write down their presenting concern. For instance, his name is Juan and he can’t sleep. Then, write down how long Juan has been exhibiting this behavior. Also, write down Juan’s goals. For example, maybe Juan wants to have better relationships, and learn how to tame his anxiety. Once you have the ideal client, then think about one or two sentences that define how you will work with your ideal client: “I help men who struggle with anxiety.”
  2. Identify potential referral partners. You can find them through your license and how far you are willing to expand. For instance, I’m in Greensboro, North Carolina. If I am seeing people face-to-face, my distance will be the city of Greensboro and neighboring towns. If I am seeing people virtually, I can see the entire state of North Carolina. Which one fits you better? Once you determine that, create an Excel sheet to keep track of your referral requests. If you work with anxious men, find a counselor that works with families. That family counselor can refer to you and vice versa when necessary.
  3. Make your pitch. I like to be authentic with my pitch. At your core, you’re a clinician and you’re here to support people. Write down what you would say to your potential referral partner. Come from a place to help your referral partner – it should be supportive. Tell them that you want to connect with their patients that struggle with anxiety. First, start with an introduction and explain that you would make a fit. Ask about their referral process. Lastly, look for an opportunity to break bread with them. It will allow you to cultivate the relationship even deeper. Eventually, you’ll start the referral process.
  4. Follow up with a thank you. Time comes with immense value. I try and write everything via hand. I appreciate the value that comes with writing a note. Give a handwritten thank you card. Tell them that you are thankful and you want to continue to grow the relationship.
  5. Build your practice. As you build your practice through other avenues, you’ll build clientele. Think of clients that will fit the other person’s practice. If a client first the other practice, reach out to the clinician and send the referral over. It lets that person know you are coming from a place of service. More than likely, the clinician will do the same for you. You are supporting your patient and allowing a relationship to build between you and that counselor.

Lastly, repeat this process as much as you can. If you reach out to one-hundred people, you just need a handful of people to get back to you. You need three to five referrals to build a solid practice. I encourage you to be consistent with this process. You are coming from a place of service – try it out and see how it goes!

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