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Hi, I’m Juan. My wife Elizabeth and I started our journey right out of grad school. We love helping clinicians move forward and navigate challenges in their journey of building a counseling private practice. Learn how to build your ideal private practice. One that allows you to live your best life while providing a beautiful service.

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Build A Kick-Ass Psychology Today Profile today! Each month you are paying your monthly subscription, so why take advantage of this course. Build your caseload and get found by your ideal clients.

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Learn how to stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Trust me, I did that shit for far too long. Coaching with me is going to be fun and all about building confidence and happiness in your business. Let’s build a successful counseling practice, establish marketing funnels, and create ways to build passive income, and more.

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Learn more about navigating and building your private practice by listening to interviews from amazing counselors who are overcoming challenges and creating their ideal private practice.


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Learn how to start, grow, and build your ideal counseling practice. Watch videos that walk you through everything from marketing tips to passive income.




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